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Beyond Technical Analysis: How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System, 2nd Edition Chande, Tushar S : 9780471415671

To foster consistent execution, Beyond Technical Analysis provides software that enables you to “paper trade” your system. A demo disk of Chande’s $ecure trade management software and data scrambling utility will let you test your system on “true” out-of-sample data and track your emotions and P&L as you transition the system from computer table to […]

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LimeFx Review 2023 The Good & Bad Uncovered

As a regulated broker, LimeFx cannot directly access your funds, which minimizes the risk of misappropriation or fraudulent activity by LimeFx. Instead, your LimeFx funds are held securely in a separate account designated for your investments, providing protection and peace of mind when trading with LimeFx. Millions of people worldwide use Android mobile devices and […]

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A Guide to the Cup and Handle Pattern in Technical Analysis

In the world of forex and gold trading, recognizing chart patterns can be your key to unlocking profitable opportunities. One such pattern, the Cup and Handle, offers traders a powerful tool for identifying potential bullish trends. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore how to identify and trade the Cup and Handle pattern in both forex […]

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