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10 Common Project Management Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There is so much mismanagement in project management. Managing a project takes a lot of skill because there is so much to keep track of for every project. Plus, project management software has built-in problems. It’s the nature of the beast, but there are ways around it in order to keep a project on time and budget.

Most projects have problems not only with the software, but with the people involved with the project. The most common mistakes are listed below.

Mistakes on project management

Mistakes on project management

  1. Mistake: The wrong person is in charge of the project.
    Solution: Assign the right person with the skills necessary for the projects. That includes knowing how to use project management software. Also, match the skills to the project requirements.
  2. Mistake: Not having the team behind the project.
    Solution: Know the skills needed and match the team members to the project. Keep communications open with all team members. Upper management needs to own the project and follow it through from beginning to the end.
  3. Mistake: Too many projects ongoing at one time.
    Solution: Reduce the number of projects for each project manager. Finish one before going on to the next project. This helps with delays along the line of multitasking with each team in the project.
  4. Mistake: Changing the scope of the project.
    Solution: If a project doesn’t have a very clear goal, it won’t be completed. Changing the goal in the middle of the project will lead to failure. Always keep the end goal in mind and be sure to monitor the team and scope of the project to keep it on track.
  5. Mistake: Too aggressive of a timeline.
    Solution: Always add a buffer to any timeline in a project. This saves time and money. Plus, it helps to keep the project in line for completion. Also, use a good piece of project management software or use project management services.
  6. Mistake: Project not flexible enough.
    Solution: Be open to suggestion. That doesn’t mean make constant changes, but if one or two things need to be changed to keep the flow of the project going, then change them. Keep a list of suggestions to use on the next projects.
  7. Mistake: No tracking system for the project.
    Solution: Use project management services or the right software to keep track of every step of the project. Especially, track the changes after a project has started.
  8. Mistake: Too much micromanagement.
    Solution: Let your team members do their job. They know how to do it, let them get on with it. Micromanaging a job not only builds resentment, but it slows down a project because people have to learn a different way of doing their job when they have to do it your way.
  9. Mistake: Software will not solve all your project problems.
    Solution: Project management software can only do what it’s designed to do. It can’t make coffee, it can’t keep the freezer going, and it can’t solve problems it wasn’t designed to solve. Too many managers want the software to solve the problems that people should be solving. Also, choose the right software for the project or choose the right project management services for your projects.
  10. Mistake: Thinking successful projects are set without follow up.
    Solution: You can’t set a project and walk away. You have to monitor, communications with team members, and keep track of milestones and check for problems along the way to completion of a project. Walk away when the project is done.

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